Destiny Bible University (DBU) is a Christian based institution of higher education that provides access to ministerial education and training through undergraduate and graduate-level degreed programs. Destiny Bible University produces curriculum for use in the classroom and home-based study, which serves the local church and the Christian Community through evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. Destiny Bible University exists to bring to the world the good news of Jesus Christ using available methods, through anointed courses, plan of studies. The general objective is to provide a sound biblical teaching for people to become Disciples of Christ and to the expansion of His Kingdom.


Destiny Bible University offers programs of study for anyone who aspires to obtain a formal Christian higher education with credit hours, either towards a Baccalaureate, Master’s or Doctorate through studies of individual form of instruction or leading to the development of the discipline Of study in the believer. Destiny Bible University is also offering the opportunity to study distance learning courses. Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate degree programs include: Biblical Studies in Theology, Christian Education, Pastoral Clinical Counseling and Divinity. All teachers at Destiny Bible University are individuals with no less than a Baccalaureate, anointed teachers to teach each of these courses.